COBIL management commits to digitalize operations in order to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic business environment. It has identified some key success factors to achive its goals - digital marketing, automation, and transparency through digital media.


Digital Marketing in Recruitment.

COBIL has become aware of the effectiveness of market research and is settling into the concept that housemaids, nurses, or hospitality workers, etc., would have segmented behavior and reactions to different digital media formats and designs.

A focus group discussion with household-service-workers revealed that they most are not keen on watching streaming videos about the job opening; another group consisting of nurses laughingly agreed that they cannot distinguish one nurse advertisement from another, and the hospitality industry workers’ group said that they would most likely engage an ad if they saw a picture of the uniform they would use on the job.

Management intends to gather as much relevant information about target applicants through research, FGD’s (focus group discussions), and surveys as part of its recruitment planning to effectively communicate to the target audience. Constant gathering of information

The discipline and practice of digital marketing also require willingness for creative content in video or print and creative writing of job descriptions, creative layout, or even creative animated GIFs. As such, COBIL expects its foreign partners and principals to contribute creative content as much as possible.



The pandemic has thought COBIL the importance of scaling operations towards cloud computing and automation. While few activities were already done through internet apps before the lockdowns, COBIL identified that staff and management had to go through re-education and training to allow work from home and other remote work when necessary. Naturally, COBIL also had to invest in hardware, software, and mobile app subscriptions to make a smooth digital transition. Lack of mobility and wanting to be contemporaneous was not the only motivation for COBIL to go digital in its day-to-day operations. The paradigm shift was also meant to save costs and man-hours. COBIL believes that continuing on this path will reap benefits for the company sooner rather than later.


Transparency through Digital Media

Employers and employers alike have must find out as much information about their rights and each other before committing to a contract. Job descriptions cannot fulfill this so COBIL intends further use of available digital media for a sensible and transparent hiring process for both the employee and the employer. COBIL believes that rapport can start by feeding both parties with a lot more media than just a call, a picture, and a job description.

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