Philippine Recruitment Agency since 1987

Established in 1987, COBIL Recruitment & Services Corporation (COBIL) is a duly registered jobs provider in the Philippines that renders manpower recruitment services in response to international inquiries and demand for professional, skilled, semi-skilled, as well as household-service human resource.
While most of COBIL’s clients served over the past 35 years are in the Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, COBIL has recently expanded to the United States and Europe in providing medical and other professional staff. By continuously increasing operational efficiency through tech and digitilization, COBIL also aims to widen its market in Asia, particularly in the hotel and restaurant industries and household service categories.

COBIL Resources

1. COBIL RECRUITMENT & SERVICES CORP. maintains a TALENT POOL of over 500,000 applicants giving its valued clientele the widest range of selection for its professionals, technical, skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled manpower requirements.

2. COBIL has a stable organization with an adequate number of professional management and fully qualified line and staff employees locally and abroad, to effectively and efficiently, carry out the company service objectives and business goals.

3. COBIL OPD has a proven successful record in manpower services as evidenced by its continuing personnel requisitions from its past and existing satisfied selected clientele.

4.COBIL guarantees the skills performance and physical well being of each worker delivered to the worksite for a period of 90 calendar days from the date of arrival in compliance with POEA Rules and Regulations standard contract for Overseas Contract Workers.

COBIL - Service Guarantee

• All deployed workers shall undergo a three month (90-Day) probationary period with CLIENT. During this probationary period, a worker who, in the judgment of CLIENT, is incompetent or lack the skills for the particular kind of work stated in his employment contract ,shall be replaced by COBIL without cost to CLIENT.

• After the 90 calendar day probationary period beginning from employee’s arrival date at the Work Site, COBIL shall have no responsibility for any repatriation case.

• The COBIL service guarantee shall be effective provided:

a.) The workers are assigned to the job categories and / or paid based on the salary grade for which they were hired;

b.) In case of allege unsatisfactory performance, the worker’s performance evaluation is to be furnished to COBIL. If adequate supporting grounds are given to COBIL satisfaction, COBIL shall replace the unqualified or unfit worker at no cost to CLIENT and;

c.) In case a CLIENT representative is appointed to conduct the final selection of workers, COBIL shall be relieved from its liability as far as attrition as far as qualification is concerned.

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