Custom Biodata Forms.

COBIL's pooling methods start with providing customized application forms online that allow employers extra evaluation tools to find best-fit potential applicants.

Tiered Pooling Strategy

Different job specifications require methods of manpower pooling. COBIL has decked these different digital strategies into 3 levels.

*Prospective employers must submit a manpower-pooling-request. This is to get clearance from the POEA to post, advertise, and/or access job database of online classifieds.

Online Job Classifieds

Access biodata/s from, Jobstreet or

Tier 1 - post/s, website & job classifieds

After COBIL receives approval for manpower pooling from the POEA, job opening/s are posted on social media pages, use the same to access database of online classifieds and upload the forms on our website.

Messaging Apps

Submitting self-autdit allows COBIL paid ads on social media & MSG apps.

Tier 2 - Peer Groups

The 2nd level of pooling involves promoting directly to peer groups, including paid ads on messenger apps, accessing closed-groups, and even voice calls to peer referral candidates. Apps include WhatsApp, Viber, telegram and messenger.


Videos are means to promote transparency and attracts candidates from a competetive markets such as nurses.

Tier 3 - Videos

The third pooling tier is described as "any methods involving videos". Whether it's creating video content, paid ads in video streaming platforms, video demonstration, etc.

When a level confidence has been established between COBIL and the foreign employer, the latter must go through an accreditation process with the Department of Migrant Workers (formerly POEA). While some steps and requirements may vary among countries, there are general steps to be followed.

General Requirements:
- Recruitment Agreement between employer and COBIL.
- Special Power of Attorney from employer to authorize COBIL as its duly represented “Philippine Recruitment Agency (PRA)”.
- Job Order authenticated and verified by the Philippine Labor Office from the employer’s country.
- Master Employment Contract authenticated by the Philippine Labour Attache.
- Business License of Employer.

COBIL shall closely coordinate documentary requirements, as well as provide necessary pro forma outlines of said documents.

Fees are dependent on the time, demand for a particular skill and additional processing requirements per position. However, a basic rule of thumb is that the minimum basic fee for licensed agencies, for skilled workers, is the equivalent to one month salary of the worker.

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